Style sheet for basic school papers

For the past years, the Facharbeit was a good way for pupils in Rhineland-Palatinate to collect some more credit points for their Abitur. Some might save the entire business of finishing school with a degree, some might “just” improve their final marks, but all spend some time on a propaedeutic project. One aspect of this pre-academic work is to learn to stick to important, if self-sufficient rules like style-sheets. As the Facharbeit has not really survived the most recent changes in requirements for Abitur (the Besondere Lernleistung, something like a full-grown term-paper, has taken its position), I might take the oportunity to revise my style sheet. However, my current pupils are in need of a valid version, and so I have decided to publish the Facharbeit-version here for general reference, and possibly for suggestions on where to leave the 20th century behind. As soon as I have come up with a more up-to-date version, I shall write a quick post here outlining the modernizations and offering the new document for general use.




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