Monthly Archives: October 2014

Engaged in some non-teaching related research, I’m currently working at the Bodleian Library. (How healthy this environment, how refreshing for one’s mind, one’s brain.)

Sitting also amongst Freshers and other students, of course, I began thinking of those former pupils of mine who have just begun their studies at their respective universities. (And I cannot help but feeling some envy.)

When, a couple of months ago, a good friend of mine told me to get up from my cosy sofa every now and then, and “live”, and “go somewhere and do something”, even if there’s a conference on pupils’ grades the next day (and it did work, we went to the theatre, we saw a play, we discussed it, enjoyed ourselves and I quite refreshed at the conference the next day), I thought I had learnt my lesson. Leading a life beyond teaching and marking is essential for good teaching and marking. Now I have learnt my next lesson: we must never stop learning. Active learning – doing what we used to be good at before we switched sides: academic research.

Thinking back to my former pupils: get up from your cosy sofas, away from your consoles, go somewhere, do something, and then go back, keep reading and studying: these are the best times for your brains and minds. May they never end. Make them never end. ūüėČ